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Location - Andratx

Andratx, Mallorca

1. History

1.1 Antique History (Years 3500 BC - 900AD)

All through its history Andratx has always stood out for its commercial activities and trade. The Roman town occupied these lands in the century II B.C., from this time a variety of objects and remains are conserved, such as coins and ceramics objects.

1.2 The Middle Ages (IV -  XV)

Jaime I 'The Conquerer' recuperated these land in the year 1229 and put them under the rule of the Bishop of Barcelona.

1.3 From the Renaissance to The Age of Enlightenment (XVI - XVIII)

The population had been strongly influenced and affected by the constant pirate raids. The attacks of the Moors lasted until the end of the XVI century and played a fundamental role on the physiognomy or appearance of the city, which had to be strengthened against attacks. In the year 1408 the city was circuled by a wall, nowadays we can relive this part of history by visiting several defence towers which are still well conserved.

1.4 The Modern Age (XVIII - XX)

Nowadays Andratx, the same as the rest of the Island, has become a privileged place for tourism thanks to the beauty of its coast of which the most outstanding part is the  Natural Park Sa Dragonera and the tourist centre Puerto de Andratx, one of the most important of the Balearic Archipielago.

2. Geography

In the southern part of the municipality there are a series of valleys in which the nucleus of the population is to be found. The northern part of the municipality is mountainous and wild and is practically unpopulated. The highest point, at 927m, is the Moleta de s'Esclop o sa Madona (The Lady), as it is commonly known due to its shape, similar to a woman lying down with her hands on her chest. 

Facing the coast of the municipality there is the little island of the Dragonera, declared a Natural Park in the year 1995. It can be reached by sea from the Puerto de Andratx.

2.1 Municipality

The population of the municipality is divided into six zones or towns: Andratx, Puerto de Andratx, sa Coma, S'Arraco, Sant Elm and Camp de Mar.

3. Outstanding Places

In the municipality the little island of the Dragonera can be found, a Natural Park since 1995, it can be easily reached by sea as several companies make it their business to transport people to the island. It is also important to mention the place known as La Trapa, which has some of the most impressive beauty spots imaginable.


La Dragonera from wherever it can be seen it is a sight for sore eyes. The views of Puerto de Andratx, with its classic ‘U’ form are incredible.

3.2 Places of interest

The principal places of interest in the municipality are the following churches, Iglesia de Santa María de Andratx, the Iglesia de la Virgen del Carmen del Puerto de Andratx, the Iglesia de s'Arracó and the castle Castell de Son Mas (the present Town Hall) and the antique convent 'trapense' now in ruins. There are also some watchtowers left on the coast also in ruins, which served in their hay day to warn the people about attacks by pirates and Moors, such as the Torre de la Mola in the Port and that of Cala en Basset in Sant Elm. The municipality also boasts two museums, the Centro Cultural de Andratx, located in the neighbourhood of Sa Coma, to the north of Andratx, and the Museo Liedtke in the Port.

In the municipality the island of Dragonera is to be found, a Natural Park since1995, it has very easy access by sea, as several companies have made it their business to transport people to the island. A mention must be given to the place known as La Trapa, a natural spot of impressive beauty.

All the coastal area of the Town Hall of Andratx are bespattered with beautiful beaches and small coves set in large cliffs, which are known for their fine sand and crytal waters, ideal for lovers of under water sports. Amongst the most used, two of the most outstanding are the beach known as Es Carregador and the beach of Camp de Mar, which have all the necessary services and have been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union, in recognition of the services given.
Playa de Cala En Cucó or Cala En Bubú. Cala Cucó is one of the coves which belong to the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera, a small island belonging to the boundary of Andratx.
Playa de Cala Basset. This cove is to be found in front of the lighthouse of the island of Sa Dragonera and has transparent water which is very appropriate for snorkeling and for anchoring boats. 
Playa de Es Carregador. A beach with small buildings around so near that they are practically in the water, the residents of these properties are the only people using this beach.
Playa de Sant Elm o San Telmo. It is the largest beach of the urban area of Sant Elm which receives a large number of visitors and has excellent installations as well as giving many services. 
Playa de Cala Molins o Cala Conills. A very small cove to be found opposite the island of Sa Dragonera, oficially declared a Natural Park.
Playa de Cala Egos. An isolated cove with difficult access, receives very few visitors, it lacks installations and services. 
Playa de Cala Marmassén.  A beach with a semi-urban character but very tranquil, used by the residents of a nearby luxury urbanization. 
Playa de Cala Llamp. A beach with stones and sand located at the foot of a hillside where there are luxury one-family villas. 
Playa de Camp de Mar. It is a beach that tourists visit a lot and has many installations and is well equipped for public use. 
Playa de S'Algar. A small beach with a lot of seaweed, for this reason it is not a very desirable beach for bathers. 
Playa de Cala Fonoll. Small cove with semi-urban style lacking installations and services. 
Playa de Cala Blanca. A beach with pebbles and stones, access to the beach is by a winding path on an uneven slope.

4. Demography

To see some interesting facts about its demography and other facts such as its population, please click here.

4.1 Population

During the XX century, the municipality was losing population in a continuous way until it reached its lowest level in the decade of the 1950s. From then on the population has gradually grown at a constant rate, except in the decade of the 1960s when the population increased by 2.000 inhabitants. At the beginning of the XXI century, the rate accelerated again in a spectacular way the population increased in the period 2001-2005 by 2.200 inhabitants and at the same time increasing the urbanistic pressure on the surrounding areas.

Andratx is one of the municipalities of Mallorca with a higher percentage of foreign residents. According to the Census of the year 2001 approximately 15% of the population were foreign, 43% were German, 15% were British and 10% French.

5. Economy

The principal ecomomic activity at present is tourism. Agriculture and fishing have become practically obselete, the majority for personal consumption. The main crops being almonds, carob beans, figs, and citrus fruits. There hasn't been any industrial activity for many years.

The wine of Santa Catarina is elaborated carefully in this municipity. These wines are very well-known in Mallorca amongst the outsiders that visit us.

6. Education

Here on the map you can find the educational centres of this area and its immediate surroundings.

7. Transport

The motorway Ma-1 Autovía de Poniente (Autovia de Ponent  in catalán) is the most important, as it joins the different urban zones with Palma de Mallorca and Andratx. To see the timetables of public transport in the municipality of Andratx, please click  here.

8. Sport and Entertainment

Andratx and its surrounding urban areas have excellent and tranquil areas for going out at night to have a drink with friends and to listen to music. Of all of these, the best are in the area near to the marine sports centre of Puerto de Andratx.

8.1 Aquatic activities

The Puerto de Andratx is  the ideal place to practice sailing in an almost magical spot, owing to the beauty of its surroundings. The Sailing Club of Puerto de Andratx is an institution whose aim is to promote the love of sailing and the sea, without forgetting the formation of the young.

8.2 Golf Courses

The municipality of Andratx offers excellent installations for playing golf in Golf d’Andratx, and also the golf course of Dorint Royal Golf resort & Spa Camp de Mar.

9. Leisure and other activities

Andratx is a town in Mallorca full of life and colour. This can be seen in its restaurants, walking areas, parks and beaches. Andratx is a resort that there is always plenty to do, even if it is only to contemplate the grandeur of the impressive sea.

9.1 Special Events

The festival days in the municipity of Andratx are on the following dates:

29th of June, San Pedro (Saint) . The festivities begin with the official opening and proclamation at 19:30 on the 25th in the Town Hall of Andratx. In the morning the pipers announce the beginning of the festivities with the sound of their bag pipes all over the town . Officially the fireworks announce the end of the festivities on the 29th at 12 o'clock midday, after the concert of the folk group 'Aire' of Andratx.

16th of July, Virgen del Carmen. The celebration begins with a Mass, then the Virgen is carried to the pier passing through the different streets of the port, the place where they embark and sail on the waters of Andratx. Other vessels, adorned and decorated for the occasion accompany her. 

28th of August, Saint Agustín. The 28th of August the Saints day of Saint Agustin is celebrated, he is the patron Saint of s'Arracó, with a special Mass in the church of Saint Christ.
15th of August, Virgen of August. The l5th of August the festivity of the Mare de Déu de sa Coma, with a religious service.

8th of Septiembre. La Mare de Déu de la Trapa en s'Arracó. The festivity of the Mare de Déu de la Trapa en s'Arracó, the 8th of September, is the closing date of the festivities of the patron Saints, ending with with a popular parade and the dance of la oferta.

10. Impression

Andratx is a glorious mixture of the modernism of our time and the Majorcan traditionalism in an ambience tinted by beauty and the wisdom of Mother Nature, very often, next to the coastline. In the area there is the outstanding presence of Port d’Andratx, an exceptional enclave, which is a clear example of a Majorcan port at the foot of theTramuntana mountain range. There is very good communication with the capital, Palma de Mallorca a 25 minutes ride away, thanks to the western motorway which leads to all the municipalities of the island. Andratx is one of the most beautiful places of Mallorca to live, either for a short time or on a permanent basis.

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