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Llucmajor, Mallorca

Llucmajor has its own written story in the pages of the history of Mallorca in 1349. In this year the Battle of Llucmajor took place, between the troops of Jaime III of Mallorca and Pedro IV of Aragon, after which, that independent kingdom became subjugated to the Crown of Aragon.  


Llucmajor can be found in the southern part of Mallorca. In a flat zone of Mallorca without hills or geographic uneveness of much importance.


Within the boundaries of the municipality of Llucmajor the following districts can be found: S'Arenal, s'Estanyol de Migjorn, Bahía Azul, Bahía Grande, Bellavista, Cala Blava, Cala Pi, Tolleric, Las Palmeras, Son Verí Nou, Sa Torre, Maioris Dècima and Puig de Ros.

Places of interest

Santuario de Gracia. The sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Gràcia is to be found situated in the mountain called the Montaña de los Tres Santuarios del Macizo de Randa, together with the sanctuary known as the Santuario de Sant Honorat and the Santuario del Cura. Their origins began in the cave named the Cueva de S'Aresta a place that two Franciscan friars converted into a hermit in the middle of the XV century. Every year, the first Sunday after Easter a popular pilgrimage with many participants is celebrated to this temple.

Watchtowers. The whole municipality is spattered with numerous watchtowers, most of them built in the XVI century to defend the people of the time from the continuous and constant pirate raids, so frequent in those days. Amongst them all, the ones that deserve a special mention are, the Torre de S'Estalella ,the Torre del Cap Blanc, the Torre de Cap Enderrocat and the Torre de Cala Pi.

Capilla de sa Torre. This edifice is of a neo-gothic style, of an octagonal form with a hexagonal apse and with a crypt for burial and galleries. The pulpit vault is dedicated to the Virgen del Pilar of Zaragoza. The approximate measurements are 16x19 m on the outside. Above the main door, to which you arrive after climbing five steps, there is a sculptured figure of the Virgin.

Claustro de San Bonaventura. The cloister of Saint Bonaventura is the most important civil monument of Llucmajor. After the expulsion of the Franciscan monks this building was recuperated by the Town Hall in the year 1842 converting it into a headquarters of the 'Guardia Civil', courts and other uses. Its superficial area is about 1.400 m2 of which 800m are the ground floor and the other 600m are the first floor.


To see some interesting facts about its demography and others such as its number of inhabitants, please click here.


Llucmajor has developed from an economy based on agriculture, traditional fishing and livestock to a municipality that has some of the most important zones for tourism of the Balearic Islands such as S’Arenal.


The communication between Llucmajor and Palma is very good thanks to the existence of the motorway which facilitates this important connection. The TIB (Transports de les Illes Balears ) gives an excellent coach service for the public.

Sport and Entertainment

To see the sports programme and timetable of the Town Hall of Llucmajor, please click here.

Aquatic Activities

The municipality of Llucmajor has the very popular and well-liked marine sports installations of S’Arenal, which is a perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy the passion and love for the sea. If you would like to visit the web of the Nautic Club of Arenal, please click here.

Golf Courses

Marriot's Golf Son Antem the installations in this golf centre cannot be bettered, they also offer an excellent service in all areas.

Leisure and other activities

LLucmajor has an infinitive number of places to go at nightime and has a very lively nightlife. One of the most outstanding is S’Arenal.

Llucmajor has the only circuit for cars and motors in Mallorca. Its installations are very well prepared to allow vehicles for competitions and those homologated for street use to drive around its track.

Special events

17th of January, Saint Anthony. It is curious to see the typical bonfires in the streets and squares crowded with people eating and drinking in the streets. After the liturgic celebration in honour of Saint Anthony, domestic animals are blessed.

Diumenge de l'Àngel, this 'Angel's Sunday' is celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter. Citizens go on the traditional pilgrimages to the "Santuario de Gràcia" or to "Sa Pedrera del Pancaritat" in S'Arenal.

Sant Cristòfol (10th of July), Saint Christopher is the patron saint of this locality, and the Rocío (in April) in S’Arenal. These festivities are celebrated with concerts and activities in the main square 'Plaça Major' of this nucleus.

The second Sunday of August, Santa Candida, is the patron saint of the locality. In these festivities various cultural and other types of activities are celebrated, including open air concerts in the square called the 'Plaça Espanya' in the city centre.

From the 29th of September to the 18th of October there are a variety of fairs or Ferias. The Sunday before the 18th of October is the celebration of the last fair known as the "Última Feria", in which there a variety of exhibitions of machinery, livestock, crafts and typical local products.


Llucmajor is a town on the south of Mallorca which has a large surface area within its municipality which therefore includes many types of localities and people within the same municipality. Llucmajor is a temperate place, very characteristic of Mallorca which combines the services natural to the XXI century with the traditional manners and behavior of Mallorca.




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