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Your home speaks about you

Do you live alone? With family? Are you searching for peace and quiet or perhaps a bit of movement?

A house is not just the place where you sleep, eat, shower and leave. It's the place you look forward to after a hard day at work, the place where you want you kids to grow up and have fun, where you organize those perfect dinners for you friends. After all, it's your home and it speaks about you.

Majorca is a gold mine when we talk about architecture. The Majorcan land is able to offer us many of the materials that then create and decorate the beautiful properties of the island and many of this we owe to the romans. They taught us how to use what we have in our surroundings, especially stone the queen of their architecture and later of our own.  They also showed us that things don't only need to look good, but have to be useful and last for many years. From there their triangle of beauty, utility and durability, the three pillars of their architecture.

With the necessary materials and what we have learnt from them and many others, in the island we can find three typical properties.

The rustic fincas, villas and apartments, each with their own unique and special charm. It is not the same to be a family of five than to live alone, and that is the reason why it's important to find the appropriate place.

Rustic Finca


The rustic finca is the traditional property of the island, in Catalan named possesió, as the name indicates for being "possession" of a lord in those days. Its stone balconies, Majorcan arches, clay floors and extensive fertile lands are some of the characteristics of these stately homes, which constitute the identity of many villages.

Many of these fincas have been refurbished to adapt to the new and modern times, becoming real architectural gems that maintain the charm of years ago. One of the advantages of the rustic fincas is their broad exterior where one can find from a swimming pool to a barbecue area and even a chill out. Due to their location in the countryside, on top of a rocky mountain or side by side to the Mediterranean Sea, they are constantly in touch with the tranquillity of nature. In these conditions, it's impossible not to relax!

These properties are ideal for later marriages, families in search for a leisure house to spend some of their days and really anyone searching for a bit of peace and quiet. For the most adventurous it could be seen as a good investment both for agricultural purposes or to take a first step and open a small rural hotel.



The villa is the most popular property in the island and in many occasions can be considered a luxury and exclusive home. The wide range of offers for these type of properties make Majorca have villas for nearly all the tastes. From traditional or modern architecture, simple or explosive decoration, with a wide exterior and the commodities this implies or the charm of a smaller villa, it is just a matter of finding your own.

One of the reasons why they are considered luxury properties is due to their privileged location. Villas on first line, with spectacular views to the sea, along the Mediterranean coast or in the most exclusive areas of Majorca such as Son Vida or the surrounding areas of Andratx the word luxury begins to make sense. To wake up every morning and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean sea in the horizon is, without a doubt, making a good start.

These properties are very attractive for families with younger kids as their location is not usually far from Palma or the main municipalities in the island where we can find the majority of schools. Its location can skilfully combine the advantage of having everything in hand and at the same time enjoying the tranquillity of living in the city outskirts.



Last but not least, we reach the third property of the island, the apartments. They are the perfect option if you are looking for a bit of movement and urban lifestyle. Ideal for independent people who live alone, couples or small families. The apartments, from a studio to a loft, flat or attic can vary in size, type and location. From historic apartments of the Majorcan nobility, with its wide patios hidden in the heart of the centre to small and charming studios, modern and close to work, to ground floors with a small garden and even attics with solarium½ there are options for all.

Of one type or another apartments tend to have one floor or at most two, with a rectangular or quadrangular distribution and many count on a parking space. This may not bring your attention in this particular moment, but later on when it has been two hours and you still can't find a place to park in Palma I'm sure you'll remember.

From Nova we offer you a wide selection of the best rustic fincas, villas and apartments and our team will be delighted to guide you in the search of the place of your dreams. If you home speaks about you½ let it be good.
Published: 28 Sep 2016
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