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What papers do you need to sell your house?

Are you planning on selling your house?

Do you know the papers you need? I'm sure a little help will be useful.

Its normal not to know the all the paperwork but there is no need to worry as this week we are here to lend you a hand giving you a reminder of the important documents you should have prepared before you list your house for sale. Ready, set, here they go:

    1. Title deeds or public deeds:
      It is the first document you should have ready as without it we can't continue. Why is it so important? Well, because it's the document that certifies that you are the real owner of the property. This will protect you against any complication and will give the buyer the confidence he is looking for. It's important to start off on a good footing.
    2. Simple note:
      It's the document where we find the name of the owner as well as the demonstration that the property has no charges, seizures, fees, censures or any other debts. It is purely informative but very important for the buyer that, I am sure, doesn't even want to hear about debts. The easiest way to obtain a simple note is with the registry number (from the above step). Once we have this information, with our ID number and the property address we can obtain the note.

    1. Property tax:
      The property tax is a tax that is payed once a year to the city council and it is very common for the buyer to ask you for the receipt of its last payment. This tax is payed very 1st of January but be careful, as if, for example, you sell your property in July, you will still have to be responsible for half of the debt. It makes sense, the property has been yours half of the year.

    1. Residents association certificate:
      As the name indicates, it is the justifier that demonstrates that you are up to date with the payments of your resident's association. The buyer may ask for more information as it is likely that he is interested in things such as how much he will have to pay every month.

    1. Outstanding debt certificate and the cancelation of mortgages in the register:
      You will only need this document if you have a mortgage on your property. This document will state how much you owe at the moment of sale. We have already seen this in this simple note but mortgages are complicated and the buyer may want more detailed information.

    1. Energy efficiency certificate:
      This document is obligatory since the 1st of June of 2013 as gives us the information about the efficiency of our property. It measures the emissions of C02 in relation to the size of the building on a scale of seven letters, from A to G. This certificate is very important and if you don't have it you may be fined from 300 to 6000 euros. It is better to prevent it!

  1. Occupancy certificate:
    This is where we find if the property meets the minimum required levels. In simple terms, if one can live in it. Things such as hygiene, the structure strength, if it is harmful for your health, etc.

These are the basic documents you need to sell your house but don't forget that every sale is different and that each buyer may ask you for more information outside the compulsory one. It seems complicated but don't worry! In Nova our great team of professionals will be pleased to lend you a hand. You can count on them!!
Published: 09 Nov 2016

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