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What kind of floor should I choose for my home?

How to choose the ideal floor for your home.

The floor is an essential part of any home. Knowing which one to choose from the many options there are is a difficult decision, which is why from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca we want to guide you so that you can make the right decision.

Which options do we have?

Obviously, one should mainly be guided by his personal taste, but there are other aspects to be taken into account; the cost of the material and the installation, the surface area to be covered, the decoration style, the durability of the material, its maintenance and its resistance, among others. Many of these factors go hand in hand, for example, depending on how large the area is and the type of material, it will have a cost or another, so here is a list of the possible materials and their characteristics you could choose from.

Concrete and microcement - Resistant, cheap and easily applicable to any base. Without joints. It is easy to maintain and durable.

Carpeting - Simple to install, pleasant, warm and comfortable but maintenance and cleaning are complicated.

Vinyl - Like other synthetic materials, they are cheap, clean and easy to install on any surface. Unfortunately they are not very durable and deteriorate over time.

Floating platforms - Puzzle of plates joined together. It imitates stone and wood, being more resistant and durable, its maintenance is simple and easy to install. There are many and of different prices

Wood - Warm and pleasant. A fairly durable material although its maintenance is rigorous and its price is expensive.

Tile - Very durable and resistant to humidity, temperature and transit. Although its installation is quite complicated.

Stone - Marble, granite, slate among others. Very resistant, durable and aesthetic materials in all types of homes. They tend to have a fairly high cost.

The choice of material will also be affected depending on where in your home you decide to place it. In the living room, a resistant material is recommended since it is the most lived area of the house, like the kitchen, it is recommended a durable material, clean and easy to maintain, granite or concrete are two good options. The bathroom is more specific, the floor has to be water-resistant and non-slip, a stone or tile will play a good role. In the bedroom one wants to be comfortable, that's why a warm material that is pleasant to the touch like wood or carpet is always a good choice.

As you may have noticed, there are many floor options and it is very easy to get lost taking this decision. From Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca, we hope to have helped you clarify your ideas a little, if you have all these factors in your head, it will surely make your choice the most appropriate to each situation. Do not forget that you can always play with the texture, geometry and colour of the material to give it an original and uniform aesthetic value.
Published: 20 Jul 2018
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