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What is home staging?

How can it help you?

Discover the revolution of home staging, a novelty in the hands of all.

Preparing a home for a visit is not an easy matter but it can be the key to tip the buyer's balance. How to decorate the house? What lighting to use? Leave this here or move it there? These are some of the questions that can arise when you are waiting for a visit. To solve all these doubts, the concept of home staging appears, a new way to facilitate the sale or rent of your house, making it more attractive and appetizing for the future buyer.

What is home staging exactly?

Home staging is a technique that is widely used throughout Europe and that is currently revolutionizing the real estate sector. As the name indicates, it´s "the staging of the house" and means decorating and caring for the presentation of a house so that it can be sold or rented quickly and at the best price.

In the world in which we live, in constant change and development, knowing and using these new methods can position you ahead. What used to be a simple aesthetic feature has now become the basis of a good sale. With just the photos of your house, after performing home staging, you can multiply the visits.

Specifically, home staging consists of six fundamental concepts:

  • Depersonalize. I´m sure your house is full of memories, photos and objects related to you. All these things, which connect you to your home can distract the future buyer. The idea is to try to create a neutral and universal space.
  • Order. Ordering is key to provide a good image. Everything must be in place and the vision must be clear.
  • Clear. There are times when we accumulate so much furniture and objects that the house looks just like a maze. If the house is heavily loaded, remove furniture and clear it out.
  • Clean. Before receiving a visit, the house must be perfectly clean. Check corners and joints, which usually accumulate dirt, and the areas that are not commonly used. They are less likely to be in perfect condition.
  • Repair. It´s usual to give the house a hand of paint to prepare it for future visits. This will help it look just like new. Remember the small details such as taps, bases or crystals and verify that they´re in good condition.
  • Organize the space and harmonize. Place the furniture so that it´s clear what each space is and the feeling it should portray. Create a calm and pleasant atmosphere and the buyers will feel the same.

To summarize, it´s a way to build up the strengths and minimize the weaknesses, so that the house looks the best it can and causes a good impression amongst buyers.

How can it help you?

Selling or renting a house is not an easy task and less so in an environment where buyers are becoming more and more demanding. With all the options they have, home staging can be a great way to make your home stand out from the competition.

Home staging is also a way to fix those homes that are not in perfect condition. After going through the six steps, the buyer will have nothing to criticize, and therefore nothing to negotiate.

After home staging, your home will become a neutral space in which all buyers can feel comfortable. In many occasions, it´s difficult for a buyer to picture himself living there and that´s exactly why you have to try to achieve a depersonalized look to make them feel just like at home.

Home staging is the future. Sell or rent as fast as possible and at a good price!
Published: 06 Apr 2017
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