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What is an exclusive agreement contract and a shared exclusive one?

Do you want to know the differences between an exclusive agreement contract and a shared exclusive one?

What advantages can it offer you?

When it comes to selling a house, choosing the right real estate agency and the type of contract you are going to maintain with them, can tilt the balance. There are several ways to put your house up for sale, including the exclusive agreement contract and the shared exclusive one. But... What are their differences?

You have probably already heard about the exclusive agreement contract, as it´s currently used by many sellers and real estate agencies. It´s a private contract between the real estate agency and you, in which you authorize that only that specific agency can sell your house for a period of time, usually of six months or one year. As the Spanish people say, it's putting all the meat on the grill.

At first sight, it may seem risky but it certainly has many advantages. By having your home in exclusivity you make sure that the real estate is putting all its effort in selling it. On the contrary, if your home is for sale in many real estate agencies, this might discourage the agent as after all the effort, someone else may take the prize.

In many occasions, the houses without exclusive contracts may hide some characteristics to avoid giving clues to the competition and buyers don't tend to like this. If the real estate agency has your house in exclusivity, it can advertise it better. It will use all its marketing tools, professional videos, outstanding positions, so that your home shines as it deserves.

With an exclusive contract, you will only need a single interlocutor. The path to sell a house is already long and having only one person will streamline the whole process. It will be easier to decide, draw conclusions, and most importantly, you will only have one contract and less paperwork.

In addition to this type of contract, there is another one that also has many good things to offer, the shared exclusive contract. You must be wondering½ if the sale is exclusive how can it also be shared?

With this type of contract, the owner orders the sale of his house to a real estate agent and this in turn shares it with other real estate partners. These agencies agree to keep the same price and share the fees in case of sale. In this way, you can enjoy the advantages of an exclusive agreement without closing the doors to other real estate agencies. They will all have the same interest in selling your house, and you can save time finding a buyer. Strength lies in unity!

Take your time to decide and if you have any doubts, talk to the real estate agent. In Nova we are here to help you and advise you in the best way. Do not hesitate to contact us!!!
Published: 26 Apr 2017
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