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What factors increase the value of my property?

What factors increase the value of my property?

Did you know that having an elevator increases the value of your home?

Keep reading and discover this and much more!

A house is not just its square meters. There are many other factors that increase its value and that you should therefore not forget. Taking them into account and knowing how to exploit them is fundamental to make a buyer fall in love. That´s why today, from Nova, we launch 10 factors that will increase the value of your property.What are you waiting for? Discover them!!
  • Lighting. Lighting and especially natural light are some of the most favourable factors for a house. Large windows are very fashionable and a complete success nowadays. If you have them in your house, they will certainly increase its value.
  • The distribution. There are different tastes but in most cases, a comfortable and clear distribution is preferable. Avoid walls and furniture that don´t contribute and give your home more space.
  • The kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen and bathroom are the most significant elements of a house. It´s what future buyers will look out for and that´s why they must be in perfect condition. If it´s necessary carry out some reforms, this will increase the value of your home and in the long run will be a profitable investment.
  • Elevator. You may be surprised but having an elevator increases the value of a house. For many people it´s a necessity and for others a comfort that they are not willing to give up.
  • Heating and air conditioning. If your home is already equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, its value will be higher. The quality of the equipment will also affect its value. Modern systems such as underfloor heating can be very favourable.
  • State of the building. A façade in good condition is essential. It´s the first thing you see and if it doesn't catch your eye½not good. Check if it needs a coat of paint or some repairs, you´ll be grateful in the future.
  • Public services. Schools, hospitals, public transport, sports centres ... All this will make the value of your home boost and will increase the comfort of a future buyer. Be sure to mention them when it comes to selling your house, they can tip the balance to your favour!
  • Green areas. Hopping outside the house and seeing green is a privilege and that´s why green areas and landscaped spaces will contribute very positively to your home. This includes both parks and outdoor areas, as well as common areas of your building, if applicable. Make sure they look perfect! 
  • Stores. Supermarket, bakery, greengrocers, clothing stores ... all these businesses can increase the value of your house. In a fair measure, you don´t want a street crowded with shops.

Now that you know the factors, you can boost them to make your property a complete success!!!

Published: 29 Sep 2017

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