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Typical Majorcan Christmas dishes

Christmas is nearly here. Magic, excitement, presents and a refrigerator that can fit no more ingredients!

In Christmas, joy and celebrations come hand in hand with the best dishes. In one house or another, in one community or another you will always eat well and Majorca does not fall behind. Around this time of the year the Majorcan gastronomy squeezes the best out of itself and fills the tables with delicious traditional dishes. The difficulty is to know which one to choose!

To make it a bit more difficult we give you some ideas of what would be a typical Majorcan Christmas menu:

We will begin, after a good appetizer, with a soup to warm up. And of soups Majorcans sure know a lot about as there are heaps and heaps of recipes.

The typical one is the "sopa rellena" stuffed soup. It is a soup with a good broth base and the charm of a special pasta, of big size, called "colzets" stuffed with minced meat. Delicious!

Other traditional soups that could be part of our menu are:

The "sopa dorada" with an onion, meat and sobrasada base to which broth, egg yolks and a glass of Xerez are later added to.

The "sopa de la reina" queen soup, good broth with a special ingredient, meat balls. It is typical to add some pieces of salty egg flan.

The "crema de almendra" almond soup, another star amongst the soups. You can use fresh or roasted almond. You add the almond to the broth, you boil it and it's ready to be served.

After warming up, the protagonists arrive, the second courses. Amongst them the most typical is the turkey however, we must not forget the capon or the porcella (suckling pig) which, without a doubt, are good competition.

For the turkey:

Dried fruits and nuts stuffed turkey. This turkey will be stuffed with apricots, raisins and prunes that you will have left in wine the previous night, and a pear to decorate.

Turkey with fruits. This is a very special turkey with a base of apples and biscuits. To an onion stir-fry you add the turkey, broth, slices of apple previously fried and a bit of crushed biscuits to thicken it.

Escaldums de nadal. This is one of the most typical ways to prepare the turkey. You cut the turkey in pieces and you add ingredients of all types. Raisins, apricots, tomatoes, potatoes and sobrasada. Mix it all well and you will get a surprising recipe.

For the capon:

The capon has formed and forms part of the menu of many traditional Majorcan families. It's stuffed with almonds, sweet potato, apples and raisins that are fried with a little lard. Traditionally, the dish of the aristocracy.

The porcella (suckling pig):

The suckling pig is a typical dish, especially in the country side. It is left to marinate in lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, bay leafs and a bit of garlic during 24 hours. An excellent meal!


If you are still hungry there is no need to worry because in Christmas deserts will not fall short. "Tambor d´ametlla" and the almond pie will be the protagonists.


With a good menu in hand, it is time to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas! Bon Nadal and see you next year!!!

Published: 16 Dec 2016
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