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Tricks to buy the house of your dreams

Are you thinking about buying a property but do not know where to start?

From Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca we want to give you a couple of tips.

Point out your needs and desires

It is very important to have a clear idea of what exactly you are looking for. It makes the search much easier, therefore, taking some time before starting your search and pointing out every idea that you have is essential. You should know if you are looking for a holiday home or a definitive one, if it is a family home, with how many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Are you looking for a house with a pool? With a terrace? With a view of the sea? At the beach? It is important to prioritize your wishes since it will be very difficult to find something that fully suits your needs.

Establish a budget

Everyone would like to forget about this point, it is very easy to find the house of your dreams without considering how much you can spend. But even if you don´t want, it is essential to establish a budget in order to avoid getting lost amongst a multitude of dream properties which escape from your hands and create unrealistic expectations. One must be clear not only on the price of the property, but also on the monthly expenses that this entails; taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Contact a Real Estate Agency of trust

This step is crucial and will solve a ton of problems and difficulties within your search. Here at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca we can advise you and make the work much more enjoyable. If you have complied with the last two points, our agents will be responsible for finding the property options that best suit your requirements. They will search their property network and consult with you before making specific visits to the possible properties. Finding your dream house is a long process and having a professional at your disposal will take away stress and the pressure to carry out the search on your own.

Choose the site

Your agent will present you the properties that are available according to your needs and your budget, now you have to decide the area. You do not have to restrict the area to just one, it is a good idea to keep several options open but having an idea of where you would like to live is an important step that you have to take and you will see yourself on route to finding what you are looking for.

Start the search

Taking into account all the above, do not mess up and start looking for properties. Consult them with your agent, make appointments, visit the neighbourhoods of your interest and prioritize your options.


The process that involves all of this is long and exhaustive but it is an important decision and it has to be well done. Be patient, you may feel frustrated because you can´t find what you are looking for but just remember that the best properties sell very fast and the real estate market is constantly changing. At any time you will be presented with the house which you´ve been dreaming with, what you were looking for, and then, all of this will be worth it.
Published: 06 Jul 2018
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