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The perfect chill-out for your rooftop

Do you have a rooftop but don´t know what to do with it?

Now that we are in summer, from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca we want to give you a couple of tips on how to set up your perfect and affordable summer chill-out.

You've been waiting for the summer all year and now it's time to enjoy it to the fullest. Setting up a good chill-out is not simple, we're not going to lie, it's going to involve certain expenses if you want to do it right. Even so, that does not mean you cannot save up some money by being smart.

Any decent chill-out needs a good sofa, some shade and lots of green. These are the three fundamental aspects.

The shade

For a while, the sun is appreciated but it can yet be suffocating. Removable pergolas can save you here. There are many and of different prices; of rails, of sails, of wood (although usually they are more laborious). It is always a good idea to get them white so that they won´t heat up too much and also provide a more pleasant and flattering light.

The couch

There is loads of room for variation on the sofa. For a chill-out, a low sofa will always be more aesthetic, you may even mound Moroccan-style carpets with cushions to save up money. A cheap but somewhat laborious option is to assemble a pallet sofa, ensuring you save the expense of buying a new sofa. Whichever option you end up choosing, it is very important to have many cushions, something characteristic in any chill-out. These may be different but try to follow the same range of colours.

The vegetation

A chill-out without vegetation is not a chill-out. Green is synonymous of tranquillity, relaxation and pure air, that's why it's important to think about how you're going to set up your garden. An option that will suit you very well is to make concrete planters with drains or a very chic vertical garden but if you do not want to spend so much, you can always fill the rooftop with pots of all kinds, obviously watering them will take more work than the planters to which you can install an automatic irrigation system, but at least you'll have an excuse to go up to the chill-out from time to time. You can decorate the pots as you wish. They can go inside a wooden box that you can paint, hang from the pergolas, place them in shelves ... This, we leave to your imagination.

Bar / Barbecue

It´s not essential, but installing a bar or a barbecue in your chill-out will greatly facilitate its use, since you will have an excuse to mount a nice little dinner on your new roof. If you put bar stools and drawers at the bar, your chill-out will have reached a level that is hard to beat. It is a detail to keep in mind because that way you can always have a small cooler, cutlery and other things at hand that would save you a couple of trips to the kitchen.

You can now enjoy the summer at home in your new chill-out. Run, call out your friends because this weekend they will die of envy!
Published: 13 Jul 2018
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