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Take advantage of the small corners in your house

Are there any unexploited corners in your house?

After reading this post I don´t think so!

In all houses there are unexploited corners. That small one in the living room, that alcove under the stairs or that space behind the door. Don´t worry, those corners that were only useful to accumulate dust will now become your best allies. Even if it´s a small space, with ingenuity and creativity the meters will seem to multiply. How? Keep reading and get know our ideas!

  • A desktop behind the door. It´s difficult to imagine a use for the space behind the door and for that reason it´s most likely untapped. Get closer, it may seem small but you can´t imagine how useful it will end up being. A desktop is usually the best idea for this corner. Don´t you always have problems finding where to fit it?

    If you need a very large table and you don´t have enough room you can always use one that folds over. You will save space and the door will open with ease.

    Speaking of desktops, another great idea is to place one in the loft. In a house with high ceilings don´t hesitate ... it looks phenomenal!
  • A base cabinet on the sofa´s back part. The sofa´s back part? Yes, you read it right! You can make the most out of your sofa placing a base cabinet in which to store books or magazines. It doesn´t have to have drawers, books can go on top. Useful and decorative, what more can you ask for.
  • Transform the hallway into a stunning entrance. A "vintage" style piece of furniture, some flowers and a small mirror and you already have an entrance! You will seize the space and give warmth to your home, it's always good to enter and see beautiful things.
  • A wine cellar under the stairs. If you have a staircase, chances are it will have a stairwell. That space is one of the most magical in the house ... or so said J.K.Rowling. You can use it for storage but a more original idea is to create a wine cellar. It can be made of stone or wood and doesn´t need to be hidden. Better at sight!
  • A bookstore. If your dream has always been to have a bookstore you must know you don´t necessarily need an entire room or a very large space. In any corner you can place a piece of furniture, adequate for corners, and fill it with books. There you have a bookstore!
  • Shelves, shelves and more shelves. Shelves are the best way to take advantage of any space. And with any space I mean the whole house. Bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, ... everything is a yes. You can use them as storage or as decoration.

    A good idea is to place them under the windows. If they´re made of glass, they will reflect natural light. Ideal!
  • Take advantage of the corners with coat racks or hangers. You can place a coat rack at the entrance, to hang coats or jackets upon arrival. There are coat racks of all kinds, simple or more elaborate ones that can be used as decoration. Hangers are more useful in bedrooms as they fill the space and are also perfect to arrange all the clothes that don´t fit in the closet. You can hang bags or necklaces at the sides and place shoes on the base. A very chic "closet style" space!

We like small corners and we love that you take advantage of them!!!
Published: 27 Jul 2017
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