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Holy Week in Palma de Mallorca: Processions and Traditions

Easter Week in Palma de Mallorca is a religious celebration that attracts thousands of people every year. This week prior to Easter Sunday is characterized by its processions, liturgical acts and theatrical representations that commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 On Maundy Thursday, one of the most outstanding processions takes place, that of the ‘Hermandad de la Sangre’ This procession, which dates back to the 16th century, goes through the old town of Palma de Mallorca and is characterized by its religious images, which are carried on platforms by the members of the brotherhood. The most venerated image is that of the Virgen de la Sangre, which is carried on an impressive golden float.

 The ‘Cofradía del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía’ also carries out a procession on Holy Thursday. In this procession, the image of the Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía is carried on an impressive golden float representing Mount Calvary. This image is one of the oldest of Holy Week in Palma de Mallorca, and is believed to date back to the 15th century.

 Another important procession is that of the Brotherhood of the Holy Face, which is held on Good Friday. In this procession, the members of the brotherhood carry a relic of the ‘Santa Faz’. This procession also features an impressive image of the Cristo de la Buena Muerte (Christ of the Good Death), which is carried on a platform by the members of the brotherhood.

 In addition to the processions, during Holy Week in Palma de Mallorca you can see various theatrical and musical performances. One of the most outstanding is the representation of "La Passió" in the Cathedral of Palma. This representation counts with more than 500 actors and musicians, and is carried out in an impressive scenography that recreates the last days of the life of Jesus Christ.

But Holy Week in Palma de Mallorca is not only a religious spectacle, it is also an opportunity to taste some typical dishes of the local gastronomy. Among the most outstanding dishes are the 'panades', a cake filled with meat, peas and raisins; the 'crespells', typical Easter cookies in Palma de Mallorca and the 'robiols', a sweet dough filled with cottage cheese, jam or other sweets.

 Visiting the Easter processions in Palma will also lead you to discover the fascinating architecture and narrow streets where you will find well-preserved buildings that reflect the lifestyle of the city center. It is a unique opportunity not only to participate in a local tradition, but also to explore the different real estate options on the island.

 If you are interested in the real estate market in Mallorca, do not hesitate to take this opportunity to learn more about the available properties and market trends. Discover the magic of Semana Santa in Palma and at the same time explore the real estate options that this beautiful island has to offer.

Published: 11 Apr 2023

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