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Say bye to halogens

How does the arrival of led light affect our pocketbook?

Halogen lamps are the ones we find in our dining room, in our kitchen and even at that small spot where we watch our favorite movies. In the past years they have illuminated our homes in a simple and welcoming way. Why change?

What would happen if there was an illumination system able to offer the same quantity of light consuming less electric energy, or simply stated, causing less damage to our pocketbooks? Wouldn't you try it out? It seems like a good idea.

Here comes the good news! This type of illumination exists, already occupies a space in offices and stores and I am sure seems familiar. This lighting system is led technology, able to offer 400 lumen units using only 8 watts whilst the halogens would need approximately 40. Without going any further, this already seems like an important saving.

So important that since the past 1st of September the European Union stopped manufacturing halogens, following a plan whose purpose is for all of those lights we find usual in our homes to be of led illumination. That process has only just begun and it will not be until 2018 that the substitution will de total. As they say "the trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit." Halogen lamps will be the first to be removed followed by light bulbs and, despite the stop in their production, shops will be able to maintain for sale what they have in stock.

Led lights are the most efficient energetically speaking, however the truth is the truth and there is no point in hiding it. The first years the change will result in a small expenditure as they are more expensive than halogens, but this cost will be leveled out when the feared energy bill arrives. As it consumes less electric energy and takes more time to burn out, led technology becomes a positive investment.

Further than the economic saving, that is already an important incentive, led illumination can offer may other advantages. Its light can be regulated in color and type adapting to different situations and places. You don't need the same light to illuminate the streets of Palma than to operate in a surgery room.

Another important advantage that affects us directly is its positive contribution to the environment. It worries all of us, but sometimes it is hard to find that little something we can do to help. Led lights reduce the carbon consumption, the CO2 emissions and suppose a saving in electricity. Their longer useful life means less waste in the landfill sites. Here is that little something.

Saying bye to halogens is already an undeniable fact and, having read what we have read, every cloud has a silver lining. I say bye to you, and see you next week!!
Published: 07 Sep 2016
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