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An Energy Performance Certificate, a fundamental document for selling your property in Mallorca

When carrying out a sale or purchase in Mallorca you must have many determining factors carefully thought out, in order to avoid unnecessary charges, for the buyer, the seller and also the real estate agency. An Energy Performance Certificate is one of those vital elements, which is why it is important to know exactly when and how to apply for one as it can save you unnecessary upset in the future. In this blog article we will be giving you all the information surrounding this topic. Continue reading!


Sell or buy a property in Mallorca with complete reassurance

The topic which we will be discussing today is Energy Performance Certificates, a necessary document for the purchase or sale of any house in Mallorca. As a property owner, you are obliged to certify the validity of the current energy performance certificate of the building. The Royal Decree Law 235/2013 for the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings specifies that this is essential in any sale or lease of buildings or its parts unless they have a usable area of less than 50 m2, are in an isolated area, if it is an industrial building that houses workshops or a similar type of activity, when purchased for demolition or when the lease is a maximum of 4 months per year.


When you should present your EPC when selling a house for sale in Mallorca

When should I present this certificate? It’s very simple: during the advertisement of the sale, purchase or lease. During these processes it is necessary to be in possession of the Energy Performance Certificate and present your proof of certification when you find yourself before our real estate agents in Mallorca or before advertising that your property is on the market. The small gesture of uploading a property to an online platform already puts the seller or the real estate agents at great risk of facing a fine.  The certificate must be included in the sale or purchase contract and be handed over to the buyer of the property.


The consequences of not having the EPC up to date

What happens if I don’t have the certificate and I continue with a sale or purchase of my property in Mallorca? No one will prevent any operation being carried out without the EPC. For all intents and purposes, after having the certificate for 10 years, if it is not renewed the certificate will be void. However, the consequences of not being certified carries fines of 300 to 6,000 euros for those in violation of the law, which will put at fault both the property owner and also the person or entity who has published it. Are you going to take the risk? If you own a property managed by our real estate agents in Mallorca and you don’t have the Energy Performance Certificate, please, contact us.


Contact our real estate agents in Mallorca

Our real estate agents in Mallorca recommend having the Energy Performance Certificate up to date and verified in order to proceed with any advertisement concerning a sale which is legally sound and with the professionalism of our real estate experts. It is necessary for both the interested party who wants to advertise as well as for our real estate agents, which is why if you have an advert currently in process on our website and you still don’t have the certificate, we ask you to please apply for one as soon as possible. Do you have a query? Contact us and we can help you to resolve any matter.


Published: 01 Jul 2019

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