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Ready to celebrate San Sebastian in Majorca

Majorca is ready to celebrate San Sebastián!

For Majorca this is a week of celebrations and you can't miss it!

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First, a little bit of history that always comes in handy

San Sebastián is one of the most important festivities in the island and I don't think any Majorcan is willing to miss it. However, what it is about?

Every celebration has a reason and this one more than any as San Sebastián is the patron saint of Palma, and this festivity is dedicated to him. To understand the origin of the celebration you must date back to 1523 in full Germanic rebellions. To these rebellions we must add the outbreak of classical swine fever that came to an end (and here comes the importance of our patron) with the arrival of a relic from the Greek island of Rodas. This relic, currently found in the Cathedral of Palma, is a bone from the hand of San Sebastián, who from then on became a fundamental part of our history.

Second, and very interesting, how do we celebrate San Sebastián?

Majorca celebrates San Sebastián from the 14th to the 22nd of January with a programme full of activities, exhibitions, concerts, fireworks and many other surprises that you can't miss.

The 19th of January, the night before the festivity of the saint, the "verbena" (night party) of San Sebastián takes place, one of the most important pieces of the celebrations. There is no place without a bonfire or musical scenario and not a person without a smile. During the "verbena" each person brings their own food that they cook in the barbecues set by the town hall and which they share with their neighbours and friends. Don't forget to bring "butifarra" or "sobrasada," roasted it´s delicious!

Traditionally each place would play a different type of music and many still maintain the tradition. Walk around and you will hear rock, jazz, flamenco, traditional music, etc.½ Careful with too much dancing, the party is not over yet.

The 20th, the official San Sebastián day, begins with a solemn mass at the Cathedral, in which the relic of our patron saint is venerated.

The celebrations don't end here and at midday the awaited Diada Ciclista (bicycling day) takes place. An appointment for the lovers of this sport with only one condition, to bring a bike.

To bring the festivities to an end, the traditional "Correfoc" is celebrated. The "Correfoc" is a parade featuring demons, fire beasts, drums and drummers that walk along the streets of Palma launching all kinds of fireworks. A show that ends at the Plaza del rey Juan Carlos I and where it is impossible not to have a good time.

Remember to wear the appropriate clothing, especially cotton wool, to protect you from the fire. Remaining close to the "Correfoc" or demon will avoid small burnings.

Get ready and enjoy, the festivity deserves it!!
Published: 17 Jan 2017
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