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How to prepare your home for a viewing

Do you want to be ready for a commercial visit?

In the previous post we gave you some tips on how to prepare your house for a Real Estate photography. But it is not only the photos that we should de careful with, commercial visits also play an important role. Don't worry½ we haven't forgotten about them.

 Do you want your house to look beaming?

Follow these steps:

1. The house needs to be clean: This is fundamental and involves great care and commitment. As in all, first impressions count and in this case to enter a house which is clean and taken care of can tip the balance. The kitchen and the bathrooms require special tactfulness and we should not forget the small details such as drops on the mirrors or dust behind the furniture.

2. Order: As we already discussed in the previous post, it should look as if no one lives in the house. The beds well made, the dishes put away, no personal objects within sight, and many other things that could make a difference. Be careful with little bits such as keeping the toilet lid down½Let no details escape your notice.

3. Smells: A good smell can help a person connect with a part of the house. Some good ideas are recently made coffee or the smell from baking cookies and bread. Now a days one can find multitude of aromatic products such as candles or air fresheners which also provide a welcoming smell.

4. The first impression: First impressions matter and it is important to recognize what a visitor will see first and take time to organize that perspective as if the first view is impressive they will take a step inside with more enthusiasm.

5. Shutters and blinds open: The more natural light and fresh air the better!

6. Less is more: Don't make the house seem overcrowded. The spaces must look clear and diaphanous.

7. Keep the decoration simple: The idea is for the visitors to picture themselves living in the house and this may become difficult if the decoration is far away from their taste.

I hope these tips have been of good use and don´t miss our next post!
Published: 20 Jul 2016

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