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Passive houses: designs hand in hand with the environment

Passive houses are becoming increasingly relevant in society, although many people are still unaware of their characteristics and how they work. To better understand what a passive house is and the advantages it can bring, we will divide this post into a total of three parts.

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What is a passive house?


A passive house is a home that does not need traditional heating to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. It replaces the lifetime heating, which consumes a lot of energy, by other ecological and healthy methods that manage to reduce consumption to almost zero.

But what are these methods? Mainly the sun, which, as we already know, enters through our windows and warms us with its rays - the more, the better!

Another method is the energy we obtain by doing everyday tasks, such as cooking or using electrical appliances. It is surprising how much energy we give off when we make a coffee, prepare a French omelet or watch TV. We just have to learn how to make the most of it.

Finally, another system is to reuse hot air. If we open the windows, all the hot air and energy that we have generated efficiently escapes from the house. To prevent this, we will need a good ventilation system that takes care of renewing the air.


What are the characteristics of a passive house?

A passive house must meet certain requirements and characteristics:

A suitable orientation. It is important that these houses are located in an appropriate place to make the most out of solar radiation. If we place the passive houses so that they are all day in the shade it will not be possible to generate solar energy.

Intelligent design. As with orientation, a strategic design such as large windows will allow natural light to enter. Just what you need!

Insulation of floors, walls and ceilings. There is no point in generating energy if you are not going to be able to maintain it. For this system to work the house must be perfectly insulated and the way to achieve this is to use the right materials.

Good doors and windows. Doors and windows are the weak point of passive houses. It is easy for hot air to escape through them and, therefore, you must make sure they are of the best quality.

A ventilation system. Since you cannot open windows and doors to renew the air, you will need a ventilation system, and not just any ventilation system. It has to be a system that controls the entry and exit of air so that, if it is cold, it uses the heat that we generate and, if it is hot, it integrates cold air. Don't worry, as these systems for cooling the indoor air are not usually expensive.

An airtight environment. This means that there should be no drafts in the house. With the entry of drafts the temperature gets out of control and, with it, your energy savings.

Elimination of thermal bridges. Thermal bridges are the areas of your home through which heat is transmitted to other rooms. These areas are usually joints and shafts where different types of materials coincide. The solution is to place additional thermal insulation in these areas.


What are the advantages of a passive house?


In a passive house energy consumption can be 10 to 15 euros per month. There is no need to explain the tremendous savings that this means for a family.

In addition to these savings, there are many other advantages, among them, the comfort and well-being that this type of house generates. With this system you will get a pleasant temperature throughout the year, without hot or cold drafts and no noise thanks to the insulation of the walls and floors.

Another fundamental advantage is its contribution to the environment, since passive houses reduce CO2 emissions, which makes them ideal homes to curb pollution. Remember that climate change affects us all.

Published: 05 Apr 2022

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