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Outdoor cinema nights

Outdoor cinema nights.

This year the outdoor cinema nights, already very common of the Majorcan summers, delayed their beginning until the 1st of August but on the other side will continue offering projections until the 22nd of September. For those of you that haven't heard of the "Nits a la fresca" as they say in Catalan, they are big screen movie projections that will take place on different nights at the Parc de la mar. They will, as the name indicates, be outdoor and free of charge. One is able to bring along a stool, a small chair, something to drink or even a small snack to feel comfortable. All the movies begin at 21:00 hours and finish depending on the duration of each.

Outdoor cinema nights

As a novelty this year, each projection will count on a musical intervention in the hands of the association of friends of the soundtrack that will reproduce a song from or suitable to the movie. Overall 32 movies will be displayed, 10 in Catalan, 13 in Spanish and 8 in English. The movies will cover most of the genres including comedy, drama and science fiction but all directed to a familiar public.

outdoor cinema nights

The following projections will be: on the 1st of September, "The Third Man" (English), on the 2nd "Kon-Tiki" (Catalan), on the 5th "Monsters University" (Spanish), on the 6th "The Grand Hotel Budapest" (Spanish), on the 8th "Shark" (English), on the 9th "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" (Spanish), on the 12th "Frozen" (Catalan), on the 13th "X-Men: Days of Future Past" (Spanish), on the 15th "The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles" (French), on the 16th "Non-Stop" (Catalan), on the 18th "Maleficent" (Spanish), on the 19th "Free Birds" (Catalan), on the 20th "Dallas Buyers Club" (Spanish) and finally on the 22nd "Wadjda" (Spanish).
Published: 07 Sep 2015
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