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Changing property with pets, without inconvenience

Venturing out to change home can be complicated, but with the necessary instructions and help it can become an enjoyable and exciting experience. Emptying all those drawers that you have not opened for years, pack, move the boxes, we all know how that works, but ... what about the animals? Do not feel overwhelmed about it, because Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca is going to give you the instructions you need on how taking your best friend with you to your new home. Keep reading without losing detail and discover the best way to transfer your belongings and your pet to your new apartment or villa in Mallorca.

Tips for making a removal with your pet

Organizing a move involves thinking about many things, but it is no reason to forget about your pet. For a pet, as well as it works with people, moving in involves a lot of stress, and that is why you must take special care to always make them feel at home.

From our real estate agency in Mallorca we offer you some tips to make your moving with your pet an easier task:

Always have the most important things close to you: things like its food, water, and some of the toys it likes best. Near its things your pet will be calmer.

• A good idea is that a family member or a friend takes care of your pet: especially throughout the transition. This way you will avoid problems such as not knowing where it is, if it has eaten, and others.

• Notify the vet: whether you keep your pet with the same professional, or you have to change to one closer toyour new rental property,we recommend that you notify their consultation to keep you cared for, in any case. The vet will have to update your pet's chip, in any case, and you will need its medical history, this information cannot be lost. The vet is one of the people who knows your pet best and that is why he/she can give you certain more specific advice that will be of great help for this new stage.

• Animals should be at the end of the list: a move is not made in a single trip; it can take several days. It is important that your pet travels in the last of them all. In this way you will arrive at a completely furnished and cosy home.

Caring for your pet during the move to your new home 

Something that we must be taken into account, although it may seem strange, is the transfer of your pet from one place to another. This should always be done in your regular vehicle. Animals should never go in the van or moving truck, as if they were another piece of furniture.

It is important that they travel with you, they can go by transport if it is more comfortable for you. If your pet is not used to traveling by car, taking a few walks before the big day will get her used to it, avoiding possible problems during the move. Here are some additional tips:

Prepare a quiet area in your new home: during the first days your pet must have its place. A calm and quiet place away from any possible last-minute repairs or works. In this area you can place its toys and important things in the same way as they were before. So it will feel at home.

Don't give them too much freedom: you may routinely take your pet loose or leave the garden gate open but be careful when moving. You have to keep in mind that everything is new for your pet. A different neighbourhood, new friends, unfamiliar noises ... Wait a few days for it to get used to it.

These tips focus on the most common pets like cats and dogs, but generally they can be applied to any other animal. Be especially careful with birds and fish, as they are very delicate animals and can have a hard time moving.

• If you have a fish, you should know that they are especially sensitive to changes in temperature. They should not be too hot or too cold during the move. To transport them it is better to remove them from the aquarium since they tend to weigh a lot and they can fall or break. You can use a small bucket or a plastic bag closed with a rubber band for transport. Leave some air in the bag, the fish need it to breathe. Open the bag every five hours to get fresh air.

You can transport birds directly in their usual cage, but you should know that, like fish, they are very sensitive to changes in temperature and tend to get quite scared during moves. To reassure them it is better to cover the cage during the journey. Although you normally have it open, the first days it is advisable to close it. Until the animal gets used to it.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca offers you the best real estate offer in Mallorca 

The perfect property for you exists, as well as one you can enjoy with your pet. Consult with our team of experts, and they will guide you to buy a house in Mallorca that suits your preferences. Contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca and let us tell you about the possibilities for your purchase or rental. We will help you in the search for your new home!


Published: 15 Dec 2020
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