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Why live in Majorca?

Mallorca, a dream destination

Majorca is chosen by many as the place to visit, reside, practice sport, enjoy art... However, why? What makes Majorca such a loud and clear choice?

Its climate

To begin with, and being a significant reason, we must mention the privileged climate the island and its islanders enjoy. A climate that counts on an average annual temperature of 16ºC and approximately 300 days of sun a year. This, in comparison with the 300 days of rain a year in the Nordic countries, proves to be very attractive. One can swim from April up until beginning of November and there is always a brave one taking a refreshing dip outside these months.

A charming city

Palma can already be considered a small cosmopolitan city where many illustrious figures have enjoyed and enjoy a walk along its old town or a cup of coffee in one of its multiple terraces. Neighborhoods such as Santa Catalina, considered the Soho of Majorca, are able to get together nationalities from all around the world that don't miss the chance to have a chat with the Majorcan women that come from their regular shopping at the market.

An old quarter declared heritage

Palmas old quarter, also called historic center, was formerly enclosed by the Renaissance walls of which there are still remains. It conserves great historic and cultural value and for this same reason is considered world heritage. Along its medieval and narrow streets, one can find most of the important monuments of the island, such as The Cathedral, The Almudaina Palace or the Arab Baths.

Good connections with the exterior

The islands airport, situated only a few minutes from the center, is one of the most frequented in Europe and maintains great connection with its capital cities. The numerous ports in the island skillfully combine commercial shipping, entrance and departure of passengers and cruise ships, fishing, sailing and have therefore become key for the Mediterranean.

Great artistic value

Palma is a source of retreat and inspiration where great artists such as Miquel Barceló or Toni Catany were born and raised and where others such as Chopin or George Sand found in the tranquility of the island the ideal place for their creations. National and international artists display their works in the numerous museums, galleries and art centers that the island hosts and that, without a doubt, are worth visiting.

A perfect combination of sea and mountain

Majorca counts on a great variety of beaches and bays of all types, able to leave anyone mouth open. The combination of the sea with the Tramuntana mountain range make this coast a landscape of vertical cliffs and rocky creeks that contrasts with the fine and turquoise water beaches of the other part of the island.


Departing from rich raw materials, Majorca is able to offer an exceptional autochthonous gastronomy. Traditional recipes that pass from one generation to the next make dishes such as tumbet, frito, Majorcan soups, escaldums, and, of course sobrasada and ensaimada, the two treasures of the island, a culinary pleasure even for the most discerning palates.


For all these reasons living in Majorca is not only considered a good choice but a great privilege.
Published: 24 Aug 2016
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