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Las Pancaritats-traditional Easter pilgrimages to Majorca´s holy places

After a very successful Easter week including numerous processions and traditional celebrations, Majorca's locals continue to celebrate during this next week "The Pancaritats" (a local religious festivity also called the angel fest in Palma.

It begins the Sunday after Easter and continues during the following week. Its origins go back to the year 1407. It is typical in many towns, where the villagers get together and carry out pilgrimages to shrines, hermitages and chapels. Once there, they enjoy the typical dishes of Easter such as "empanadas" (pie), "rubiols" (pastries), etc½

The most significant festivity takes place in the Bellver castle of Palma where more than 20,000 participants including visitors and tourists get together in an atmosphere of festivity and happiness. It is also known as the Angel Fest as it is identified with the festivity of the Saint Custody of Palma which originated in 1407. Apart from processions, during the fest the blessing of bread for the poor people took place. That is why it is called "La Pancaritat" as bread in Spanish is "pan."

During this celebration at the Bellver castle, various activities are organized to entertain both children and adults. These include local music with bagpipes and flutes and dances with traditional clothing. A unique show for the outsiders. Other activities include the making of crafts and manual arts. All of this is accompanied by numerous stalls of local food and beverages.  Certainly a very special moment to enjoy with friends and family.

All of the Easter celebrations have increased the hotel occupation in Majorca making it the best since 2002.


Published: 28 Apr 2014
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