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In search of the perfect house

Are you searching for the house of your dreams?

Find out how to find it on today´s post.

Finding the perfect house is not an easy task, and many don´t even know where and how to start. What properties to visit? Where? There are many factors to consider and that's why we're here! To lend you a hand and make what now seems like an impossible search a fun adventure. The steps to follow are:
  • Decide where you want to live. Location is the first thing you should decide when looking for a house. It´s essential to spend time, gather information about the different areas and even visit them. Location is not something you can modify later.
  • Keep your budget in mind. When looking for a house don´t forget your budget and visit only the properties that are within your means. Set a maximum figure, this will help you stay online. Another useful tip is to calculate the monthly fee that you´ll have to pay if you buy the house. This will help you know if it is accessible or not.
  • Explore real estate portals. This is nothing new and surely something you have already thought of. Internet is the new revolution to look for a house. It´s an easy and good way to stay up to date and find out about new offers. In Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca you´ll find what you are looking for!
  • Approach the real estate agency and talk to an agent. Internet is very helpful but it´s always good to talk to a real estate agent. They are the ones who know the most and together you can move forward in the best direction.
  • Visit the properties. Visiting the properties that interest you is key to make a decision. Visit everything, even if you have doubts. There is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes and sometimes what you can´t even imagine may surprise you.
  • Ask and take note. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and it´s logical that you do so. Don´t leave anything unresolved and take note. Right now it may seem like you remember it all but when you´ve visited several properties you´ll appreciate having it written.
  • Visit the area and the neighbourhood. Make sure the neighbourhood and the area, not just the house, meet your expectations. Explore and find out what facilities they can offer you. These things can make the difference.
  • Dimensions and distribution. Check the plans and make calculations. Dimensions and distribution are very important factors when making a decision.
  • Think originally. You may not have seen the house of your dreams but use your imagination. With some reforms or some changes to your taste, you may find what you are looking for.
  • Visit them again. The first time you visit a house it´s difficult to take notice of everything. Visiting the property again, will get things clear. Go back as many times as you need!

Follow these steps and you´ll find the perfect are already very close!!!

Published: 22 Sep 2017
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