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How to set the table for a summer dinner?

Are you planning on preparing a summer dinner?

Don't miss how to decorate the table on today's post!

Now that you have your rustic finca ready why not prepare a nice summer dinner or, as Majorcans say, a "dinar a la fresca." The surroundings of rustic fincas make them perfect for these types of dinners. Nature, vintage furnishings and the Majorcan atmosphere are the recipe for a unique night. You are just missing the small details that, although small, are not less important.

Here you have 7 ideas to set the table:

  • Flowers, a safe bet. Flowers are a must have in summer dinners. Use natural or dried ones (avoid plastic.) They will dress your table with elegance and style. Head outside and go for a walk, I'm sure you will find what you are looking for½ there's no need for complications. Some branches of bougainvillea will do the job. It doesn't all have to be flowers. Combine them with some branches and green and you will get that rustic touch that best suits your finca.
  • Lights. Light bulbs, small lamps, paper balloons, candles, it all works at a summer dinner. Good lighting, simple but eye-catching, will create a magical place. You can use one type or mix different lights. Be adventurous, in the case of lighting combining different styles is a yes. Another great idea, that you can make yourself, is to fill small sacks with sand and a candle. A cheap and easy DIY. However be careful, all lightning must be warm. Avoid white or very artificial lights.
  • Take advantage of nature, it's your best ally. You can use trees or dried braches to hang up the lights. Place the light bulbs through the branches or hang straps of all light from one point to another. They will give your table the perfect reflection of light. Special and ideal for a rustic finca.
  • Fruits as decoration. Lemons, oranges and even bunches of grapes become a different decoration element to set summer tables. Place them in vases, baskets, or intertwined with flowers and branches. They will bring freshness to the table!
  • Yes to the colours. Colours are a hit ... it's summer! Mix tones but not too many, three colours is usually the maximum. Warm and vibrant tones like red or orange are a good choice in these cases. Blues are also often amongst the elect. Combine them with flowers and centrepieces and make sure they are on the same line.
  • Majorcan tablecloths. The "telas de lenguas," hand-dyed fabrics of vivid colours and geometric shapes, are typical of the island. They are often used as tablecloths and for a summer dinner I can´t think of anything better. Right now there are only three workshops that manufacture these fabrics in a traditional way and these are in Pollensa, Santa Maria and Lloseta. A real gem of the decoration!
  • Baskets and boxes. Baskets of wicker or straw, just like wooden boxes, are some of the most common elements in decoration. Why? Because they fit in well with everything. You can fill them with flowers, candles, fruit, bread ... Rustic and useful, what more could you ask for!

Now you don´t only have the perfect rustic finca. You also have a unique and stylish table to spend the best summer night. Enjoy!!!
Published: 23 Jun 2017
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