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How to prepare your home for a photo shooting

Are you planning on selling your house?

Do you want your photos to be perfect and your house to shine as it deserves?

This is not so easy and you have to take into account those small details that can make a big difference, and that we sometimes tend to forget.

But don't worry! From Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca we are going to give you some tips from our photographer Isabel Martín. You are in good hands!

The house needs to be clean: This may sound obvious but it takes time and care for it to be perfect. Take special care on dust, as it always finds its way and on small details such as droplets on the mirrors or fingerprints. Don't forget the outdoor as it is just as important. Rake up the leaves, mow the lawn, trim the trees and make it look fresh and natural.

Order: It must seem as if no one lives in the house. Stuff the sofas, order the dishes, order the bookshelves (you may leave a book or two on the table, however not magazines as they tend to look trashy.)

No personal objects: And by personal objects we mean toothbrushes, hairbrushes, tobacco, invoices, kitchen magnets, cutting boards and most of the things that usually lie on the counters. A clear and clean space is always more appealing than a clustered one, as they say "sometimes less is more."

No pets: You never know if the person you are addressing may have pet aversion.

Lights on: Most of the lights need to be on, preferably the "daylight" lighbulbs but it is not essential. Make sure none of them are burned-out.

Decorate with fresh flowers: This will give the house a fresh and colorful touch. It will bring light and live to it.

Wait for a bright and sunny day: Don't rush, as the day you choose is very important. Wait for a bright and sunny day and open the blinds and shutters before the photographer arrives.

And this is not all, if you want your house to be perfect for a commercial visit don't miss out on some tips on our next post!!

Published: 15 Jul 2016
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