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Give your home a summer look

Your home decoration contributes more than you think to the feeling of heat and summer suffocation. After a day of warmth both on the street and on the beach, what you the last thing you want when you get home is to continue feeling that suffocating sensation that bothers you so much. While air conditioning helps, the use of this can be greatly reduced and you can achieve a feeling of freshness in other ways. From Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Nova Mallorca we want to give you a couple of tips to refresh your home and feel much more comfortable during these sunny days.

Clear tones

White is your ally. Everything dark, whether its carpets, cushion covers, flowerpots, candles or even dinnerware better save it for the winter season. Decorating in white will always be advisable since white reflects heat instead of absorbing it. In addition, with light shades such as turquoise or beige for your cushions and bright colours will bring joy and freshness to your home, they are cold colours that help your home achieve that summer look.


Not only do they provide an aesthetic value, but by watering them, they give out humidity and freshness to the place. Change the dark pots for lighter colours or glass which will bring lightness to your home, put a couple of hanging plants on your terrace and add candles or flowerpots with tropical decoration to your tables.

LED light

The LED light lamps are surely advantageous. In recent years they have evolved a lot. In addition to saving energy and money by being more efficient, which is always appreciated, you will find a thousand different models that will suit your needs. You will find them in different colours or shades of light, portable lamps, strips that are easily hidden in balconies or interiors among many others.

Proper ventilation

To achieve thermal comfort, your home should have good ventilation with windows for air to enter and retractable awnings that provide shade and reduce the temperature. Ventilate early. It is very important to air the house while the air outside is cooler. From 12 in the morning try to have the house completely closed because the air at that time will be very hot and it will be difficult to reduce the temperature. If necessary, you can achieve a gentle breeze by installing ceiling fans.

Breathable fabrics and lightweight covers

Change carpets to jute or cotton and cushion covers by fabrics such as linen or any natural fibre textile. The wicker baskets like pots will always look great for the terrace, any natural fibre furniture will give you a very summery look both inside and outside.

Lighten the space

To achieve a clean and pure environment, do not overload your rooms. Remember that sometimes less is more. You can also add citrus or natural aromas to your home, which will help purify the air.
Published: 27 Jul 2018
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