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Get ready to move to Majorca

Are you moving to Majorca?

All you need to know before taking the big step.

Every person is unique, every destination is different but for the vast majority moving to another place is a big step that does not seem especially easy. Don't worry, from Nova Majorca we lend you a hand giving some tips that, I am sure, will make your life just a little bit simpler.

Majorca is a paradise and for many a clear option when choosing their place of residence. The sun, the beach, the mountain, its history and culture make the island a perfect place to live however, we must not forget that you are not planning on spending a week´s holiday but a long period or even your whole life.


The first step is to choose the area you are going to live in. At first Majorca can seem like a small island but when it´s time to choose a location the options seem to multiply. There are areas for all tastes and it's important to spend the necessary time to find the one that best suites you lifestyle. The tranquillity of the mountain villages or the urban movement of the cosmopolitan city, there are options for all. Do not hesitate to take a look at our post, "The best areas of Majorca to live in."


The second and very important step is to obtain the NIE (Foreigners Identification Number), expressed in simpler terms as the number that represents you as a citizen and the one that will allow you to acquire a property, purchase basic services and basically buy anything you need. You can obtain the number at the Foreigners Office by simply presenting your passport, two identity card photos and paying approximately a  9,45€ fee. You will also need to take into account that if you live in Spain for more than 90 days you will need to obtain a certificate of residence. It's important to sort out these procedures before moving on.


The third step is to search for a job or get started as an entrepreneur. You must not forget that there may be differences between your current place of residence and Majorca as here the salaries will be lower than in the north of Europe, the working schedule will vary and the regulating laws will not be the same as in your country. The job employment offers rotate around tourism, the real estate sector and agriculture. It is good to know this as the closer you get to these sectors the more facilities you will find to get a job. For the most adventurous, with the appropriate research and information, getting started as an entrepreneur could be an attractive option.


The next step is to get to know the Majorcan culture, and by culture I mean language, traditions, hours, food and all those things that make Majorca a unique and special place. Language is very important and it could very useful to learn a bit of Spanish, just a small base, before starting your new life on the island. You must also take into consideration the local language, Mallorquin. Although most locals can defend themselves in Spanish, in some jobs and in many local schools they may require you to know Mallorquin or Catalan.

It´s not only the language that changes, but many other things in your day-to-day life. The timeframes may seem more flexible, the ingredients in you food quite different and the traditions worthy of knowing. Seize the opportunity and make good friends with the locals that will welcome you with their arms wide open and will show you the best secrets of the island. There is nothing more interesting and exciting that learning from a new culture!


The next step, and one of the most important, is to find a home. It is you lucky day as in this aspect we won't only lend you a hand but we are convinced that with Nova Majorca you will find the house of your dreams. It's important to know the commodities that exist in the surroundings of your residence. Schools, public transport, supermarkets, hospitals and all those things that the closer, the better.

If you have doubts, you always have the possibility of renting and therefore getting to know the area and deciding if it fits or not with your requirements. Both for renting or for buying there are offers for all tastes and budgets.


In the case of having kids, you must consider the choice of school. In Majorca you will find a wide offer of both local schools where there will be lessons in Mallorquin or Catalan and international schools in English, French and German.  For more information, check our post on "the best international schools in Majorca."


Taxes are another thing to take into account as they vary from one country to another. The Spanish fiscal year begins on January 1st and runs until the 31st of December. You will be considered a resident if you spend more than 183 days a year in Majorca and you will therefore need to submit the statement of income before June of every year. Taxes to consider are the income tax, the patrimony tax, the IBI (property tax) and the garbage tax. However, this doesn't end here, the Spanish taxation system is very complex and will vary for every citizen. You can always contract a professional financial assistant to help you throughout the process. 


We must not forget other things that become important as we move on. Things such as the foreign exchange, as if you receive revenues from outside the euro zone the quantity that you will dispose of could vary depending on the currency change. It's important to be patient and wait for a good moment to benefit from the best change.


Another of those important things is the health care system. In Majorca there are numerous health care associations, both private and public. You will need to gather the appropriate information as depending on your local country you may have access to the public system or if you have a private health care system, it may be transferred. 


There are many things to take into account but with a little help I hope that something that could seem a bit scary has now become just an important and exciting adventure. Welcome and enjoy! Majorca has a lot to offer.
Published: 05 Oct 2016

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