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Fundamental home reparations when changing house

8 reparations you can't afford to miss when changing house

Are you planning to move out?

Don't miss 8 fundamental home reparations when changing house. 

Moving out is a great adventure and as all, needs its preparation. Before you begin to move boxes and furniture it's important to check for any reparations that must be made at your new home. In most cases, for everything to work as you wish, there will be one thing or another that needs to be changed. If these changes are made before you move in, you will avoid many complications.

That is why we are here, to remind you of the 8 typical reparations you must be aware of before you embark on your new adventure:

    • Change the door locks. This step is very important, as you never know how many people might have copies of the locks. From the moment you list your house for sale many people come and go and it's easy to loose count. Better safe than sorry! Be careful if you have an alarm. Remember to change the code.

    • Check the heating and conditioning systems. It's common, due the use, for the filters not to be in perfect conditions. An obstructed or dirty filter many cause problems further on. Experts recommended that you revise them every 6 months.

    • Locate the lights box control. Under any problem in the electrical installation and be careful, this might even be a fire, the first thing you will need to do is switch off the lights box control. It's important to know perfectly where it is.

      Tip, it's useful to put labels or stickers on each switch button to differentiate them properly.

    • Revise taps and stopcocks. It's important to check if these things are in a good condition and above all to know where the stopcocks are. To find a sudden leakage without knowing where the stopcock is could put you in a struggle. Call a plumber if you can't find them yourself.

    • Be careful with damp patches. They are round and yellowish patches and you don't want to find one of those with the house fully furnished. Eliminating them will be much easier without curtains, furniture or paintings on the walls.

    • Install storage modules. It sounds complicated but they are just drawers, shelves and racks to unpack all your belongings. You will therefore avoid having the boxes disorganized.

    • It's a good moment to paint. Painting the house before you move will avoid many complications. Forget moving the furniture here and there, stains and that smell that I'm sure you don't enjoy.

    • Take this opportunity to clean. After the reparations and with the house free of furniture there is no better moment for an extensive clean-up. After it, your house will look clean and ready for you to move in.

When everything is checked and the necessary reparations are made, the house is ready. It is only missing you!!

Published: 01 Feb 2017
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