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Free time at home

How do you use your free time at home?

Each person has his way of enjoying his free time at home, whether it is watching TV, reading a book or swimming in the pool, we all like to leave our routine behind and dedicate our time to ourselves a little.

How much time do you dedicate to leisure at home? What part of your home do you find most appealing?

A study by Aliseda Inmobiliaria rationally and consistently selected more than 9,200 Spaniards to determine how each of us behaves when it comes to leisure at home, how one spends his time and how these habits have changed over time in this regard.

Although it was already known that technology would be an important factor in the study, it is surprising how individualistic and dependent it has made us. The favorite leisure activity of the Spaniards is surfing the internet and their favorite device is the computer, although it is good to know that at least they spend most of their time with the family.

On average, we dedicate 36 hours weekly to leisure time at home, which means that a house must be well equipped to carry out these activities. A large living room with a large sofa is essential since 60% of people consider their most appealing stay at home. In addition, the room encourages interaction with family and friends, something that should never be missed. According to this study, a garden and a swimming pool also follow the same path, since many people dedicate a lot of time to activities that require them. Finally, and this above all applies to young generations, the home must have a good internet connection.

There is no doubt that technology is very present in home entertainment but to the point that 7 out of 10 of us watch TV while eating, may just be crossing the line. The leisure of people (especially children) is very different now than a few years ago. The only leisure that was known from home was related to music, reading and board games. Then the magazines appeared and then of course, the television. Before, everything seemed much simpler and it was also cheap and healthy. Now with screens, videogames and computers, technology has made us more individualistic and we have lost interaction with family and friends. In the Balearics we spend 21% of our leisure time without electronic devices, well above the average. Maybe we should try to focus technology in another way to integrate and promote human contact.
Published: 05 Oct 2018

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