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Buy country house in mallorca.

Buying a rustic finca in Mallorca not only provides great privacy but also allows a closer contact with nature and immerses you in the authenticity of the rural environment of the island. They are an excellent choice as a holiday residence, as they facilitate rest and disconnection, have plenty of outdoor land and are spacious for family life. They are also a magnificent alternative as a permanent residence, since, in Mallorca, living in the countryside does not mean living in isolation. Given the size of the island and its distribution of population centers, it is possible to enjoy the privacy and the extension of a rustic finca and, at the same time, be very close to all kinds of services.


Mallorca has a great variety of rustic properties (fincas near the sea, inland fincas, mountain fincas...). In addition to their location, the variety also lies in the different types of fincas. The main types of farms you will find are:


Finca Rústica

  • The "possessions": traditional estates of the Majorcan nobility with different buildings such as the manor house, the house of the caretakers, chapel, outbuildings for livestock or for the harvest, "celler" for the production and storage of wine or even an oil mill for the production of olive oil. They have a large extension of land and, sometimes, include forest areas. Most of them have been converted into rural hotels or luxury estates after renovation.

  • Former agricultural or livestock farms: smaller than the "possessions", but with large plots of land that can exceed 100,000 m2 and large houses. Many of them have been refurbished with all modern comforts, maintaining the character of Mallorcan constructions.

  • Large building plots. Generally they are estates born from the parcelling of a larger estate. Their first building is usually more recent than the previous ones and also smaller in size, although they are generally very spacious.

 Finca rústica con piscina

The rustic properties in Mallorca are, without a doubt, a very profitable investment, both at an economic level due to their progressive revaluation and at a quality of life level. The climate, the pure air, the beauty of the landscape and the facility to incorporate the services and comforts of modern life are incentives that drive the great demand for these properties on the island.

When buying a rustic property in Mallorca it is very important to take into account the complexity of the regulations regarding construction on rustic land. As Mallorca is a limited territory, the legislation has been incorporating certain restrictions, which can vary from one municipality to another. For this reason, it is highly advisable to turn to a specialized professional.


Published: 09 May 2023
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