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Circo Alegría on Ice in Palma

Circo Alegría on Ice in Palma.

You have all probably heard about the circus Alegria, a circus that travels around different places offering the best show for adults and children. This Christmas a new version of the circus called "CircoAlegría on Ice" reaches Majorca from the 5th of December to the 11th of January. This new version joins two different worlds; the traditional circus idea and a new innovation offering the shows on ice!

It supposes a great development for the circus world as the difficulty and tension increases. It will feature acrobats, comedians, trapeze artists, jugglers and other acts while ice skating. The ice rink is ecologic and does not waste any energy therefore being completely environmentally friendly.

circo alegria

The show is set in the Arctic Ocean and tells the story of Lisa and Luke, a seal and a hunter. Lucas has come to the Arctic for their work as sealer. In the distance he sees one of his goals is Lisa, when he raises the rifle to aim, carelessness makes him shoot and hurt his leg. Lisa, hearing the shot and seeing the hunter lying on ice, comes to help. From that moment, Lisa and Luke will never separate. The story shows valuable tips and ways to live and makes one see the importance of a real friendship. This is always helpful for kids but also for adults, who sometimes seem to forget those important hints. By buying the tickets online you are able to get great discounts and special offers, including choosing your own seat, promotions with popcorn and beverage and up to 50% of discount.


Published: 16 Dec 2014

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