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Change of decoration

Change of station, change of decoration

Summer is over, and the beach, the flip-flops and sunbathing with it. With the change of season comes the fall, the most beautiful and welcoming season, the trees lose their leaves and their greenness, the energy that was previously concentrated in the leaves is collected to the roots to stay during the cold months. The leaves of the trees change and their green colour turns yellow until they dry and fall. The landscape has become one of warm colours of orange and yellow tones and this change in the landscape should be reflected in your decoration, to get the most out of your interior design.

Your home needs a change of scenery, celestial tones and marine detailed centres are no longer worn. In autumn, temperate colours are the ones that, making simile with nature, will really match your home more. We recommend to change your summer curtains for cotton ones with a possible simple autumnal print of soft, warm colours that will make you feel much more comfortable. The same applies to cushion covers, sheets or sofa blankets, armchairs...

The combination of decoration and interior design styles will look great in your living room. If you like retro, vintage and minimalist, modern styles, combine them! Do not be afraid. A living room with white and stone walls with few well-placed paintings, antique furniture and a vintage bike hanging on the wall will give your apartment a personality that will make you the envy of your visitors.

Wood is going to be a faithful ally, wherever you put it. Trunk tables, rustic wooden stools, picture frames, trays, centres, shelves, any of these will give identity and a rustic and autumnal atmosphere to your decoration. The jars and pots of marine themes will be exchanged for fruit of the season, dry branches, stones or leaves in glass vases.

Another fundamental point that we cannot leave is enlightenment. Warm light can be achieved with LED bulbs. There are light bulbs that mimic those of filament but being LED, they are safer and cheaper. Another thing that can be decisive and that goes unnoticed are carpets. And this time, they are worn with patterns of autumn prints and muted colours.

Do not forget the fireplace corner, which can have an elk head on the wall or a nice wooden clock, you name it.

If you are willing to change your furniture and follow our advice but do not have the money, be ready! Buy used furniture, transform the old ones (painting them or changing the textile), buy multifunctional furniture, and enjoy your new home as you deserve.
Published: 26 Oct 2018
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