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Can you sell a council flat?

Is it possible to sell a council flat?


Last week we found out the characteristics of a social house, how to access one and its advantages and drawbacks but now we´re back to take a step further! Today we will discover if you can sell a council flat, the great doubt related to this type of housing. It´s not a yes or a no and there are several facts and procedures that you must look out for. Keep reading and find out½

When selling a council flat a very important characteristic is the time that has passed since the acquisition. If it's been more than 10 years since you bought the property the procedures are very simple. By fulfilling this requirement, and even if you have received public aid, you can sell the flat without asking for authorization. Always taking care not to exceed the maximum legal price established by each autonomous community. Another case in which authorisation will not be necessary is if the house is to be transmitted to the spouse in case of separation of marriage, as long as this has been established in the separation or divorce agreement.

If less than 10 years have passed since the purchase of the house the procedure changes. First, you will have to request an authorization in the competent council of housing of your autonomous community. This application will only be authorized if the future buyer meets the necessary requirements that we mentioned in last week's post. (Check it out if you don´t remember them!) Finally, in addition to needing authorization, if you have received public aid for the purchase, you will have to return the amount received plus interest.

Another possibility to sell a council flat that´s less than 10 years old is to try to disqualify it. This step will cause the property to lose the condition of protected and, consequently, you will be able to sell it freely. You must establish that it has been your habitual residence during the past 5 years, that the type of soil allows its disqualification and that it doesn´t cause prejudice to a third party. Even so, you must take into account that you´ll have to pay the aids received and that not all flats can be disqualified.

In short, you can sell a council flat, always taking into account its antiquity as otherwise, the sale will be considered an infringement. Make sure you have everything clear before you start the process!!
Published: 27 Oct 2017
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