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All you need to know to move in with pets

Are you planning on moving out? Do you have pets?

Do not worry, here you will find all you need.

Moving out is not an easy thing but with a little help it can become a great adventure. Emptying all those drawers you haven't checked in years, packing, moving boxes, but what happens with the animals?

There are so many things to remember that we can even forget that there is another member of the family that doesn't know what's going on. For an animal, moving out can be very stressful and that is why you should pay special attention to make them feel constantly just like at home.

Here we hand you some tips so that moving out with your pet becomes a little easier:

  • Always have his very important things close. Amongst one box and another, you can end up packing your pet's essential things. Things such as his food, water and some of his favourite toys. These things can't disappear in one of the boxes, they should be always on hand. Close to his things, your pet will feel more relaxed. A good idea is for one person of the family to take care of the animal during the busy days. Therefore, you will avoid problems such as not knowing where it is, if it's fed, etc.
  • Notify the vet. In some cases you will maintain your pet in the same vet and in others you will change to another closer to your new location. One way or another you need to inform the vet. If you stay, he will need to update your pets chip and if you move, you will need his medical record. You can't lose this information.
  • Leave your pets for the end. Moving out is not done in a few hours, it can end up taking days or even weeks. It's important for your pet to move out on the last trip as he will reach a furnished and cosy home.
  • Transport your pet in your usual vehicle. Animals must never travel in the moving truck or van. This will make them feel just like another piece of furniture. It's important for them to travel with you and in your usual vehicle. If your pet is not used to travelling in your car, going for a few rides before the big day will prevent any problems whilst you are moving.
  • Prepare a quiet spot. During the first few days your pet must have its own spot. A quiet and calm place away from last minute arrangements. In this area you can organize his important things in a similar way as they were before. This will make you pet feel just like at home.
  • Don't give them too much freedom. You may leave you backdoor open or let you dog run at large most of the time but careful when moving to a new home. Have in mind that everything is new for you pet. A new neighbourhood, new friends, unknown noises,... Give your pet a few days to get used to its new home.
These tips are centred around the most common pets such as cats and dogs however; they are mostly applicable to all animals.

Careful with birds and fish, they are especially delicate animals and therefore don't like too much movement. 


Here are some specific tips for these animals:

  • If you have a fish, you must know that they are very sensitive to changes in temperature. Make sure they don't experience very cold or very hot temperatures whilst you are moving out. To transport them it is better to remove them from their aquarium as these are usually very heavy and can fall or break. You can use a small bucket or a plastic bag with a rubber band to close it securely to transport it. Let some air into the bag, fish need it to breathe. Open the plastic bag every five hours to keep the air fresh.
  • If you have a bird, you can transport it directly in its usual cage but, as fish, they are also very sensitive to temperature and are usual very afraid of travelling. It is recommended to cover the cage during the trip. This will make them feel more secure. Even if you are used to leaving your bird´s cage open it is advisable to keep it closed for the first days. Only until the animal adapts to the new environment.

For them it is also a big change but following these tips I'm sure they will soon adapt to their new home!!!
Published: 30 Nov 2016
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