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8 ideas to decorate a terrace

Do you want to give your terrace a unique touch?

Discover 8 ideas to decorate your terrace on today´s post!

In summer, terraces are definitely the main character. They are the chosen places to spend mornings in the sun, relax watching the sunset or spend long summer nights in good company. For all this they deserve the best decoration. With the right touch they will create unique, cheerful and welcoming places and the keys to achieve it are:

  • Choose the right furniture. Choosing the furniture for the terrace is no easy task, there are many styles and options and you may not know where to start. Keep it simple, sometimes less is more and in the case of furniture you can follow this rule. Use sofas and armchairs or make them yourself with pallets. The hammocks are also a good option, comfortable and useful for relaxing moments.
  • Renew antique furniture. Although they may not seem handy, everything fits in a terrace! With a coat of paint and a bit of varnish you will get that vintage style that best suits your terrace. The paint may be white or pale. Avoid bright colours for furniture, they look better on cushions or upholstery.
  • Use warm lighting. Good lighting is essential for a charming terrace.  Avoid direct and artificial light and focus on warm shades. Light garlands or light bulbs are a safe bet to obtain a young and lively result. Torches, candles and terrace lamps are also part of the recipe. You can combine different styles providing you maintain the same light tone.
  • Plants and flowers, a must have. There's no terrace without plants and green, it´s essential. Pots, vertical gardens, trees, hedges, garlands, flower vases½ the greener the better! They will provide light, shade and freshness to the terrace. You can combine the lighting with some green by placing light bulbs or small lights between the branches. It looks great! 
  • Shade. Don´t forget it´s summer and it´s hot. To be able to enjoy the terrace at all times shade is necessary. Use awnings, pergolas, parasols or curtains that besides being a very successful element of decoration will protect you from the sun and the heat. It can also be the perfect way to get intimacy and a comfortable environment
  • Textile materials, yes! They are the perfect complement to furniture. Use them to upholster sofas or cushions, as carpets and even as curtains. In this case you can opt for more daring and flashy options using brighter colours. Combine drawings, colours and shapes, it doesn´t all have to be homogeneous.

    Careful, make sure they withstand humidity and sunlight!
  • Water as decoration. The use of water on terraces is an interesting element of decoration. It will bring peace and tranquillity as who does not like to relax listening to the sound of water? On large terraces the options may include a small pool, a Jacuzzi or even a spa and in the smaller ones some ideas are miniature fountains or vertical gardens with water.
  • Jugs, vases, baskets and boxes. These elements are very useful on terraces. You can fill them with lights, plants and flowers or use them to store cutlery, napkins, blankets or cushions. Decorative and practical ... perfect! 

Following these tips you will get the perfect terrace in which to enjoy endless summer gatherings. Yes to nice terraces!!
Published: 06 Jul 2017
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