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8 errors you should avoid if you want to sell your house

Do you want to sell your house?

Avoid making these mistakes!

It's time, you've put your house up for sale. You´re nervous. Don´t worry, it's normal that you feel that way and that's why we are here. On last week´s post, we showed you all the factors that will increase the value of your property. This week we are back to tell you about the other side of the coin, the factors you shouldn´t show if you want to sell your house. And what are those?

8 errors that you must not commit:

  • An exorbitant price. It's your house, the one you've lived in and that's why sometimes you may not be objective. It´s important to leave feelings aside and set a price commensurate with the property. An exorbitant price will cause potential buyers to leave the game before even getting started. Keep in mind the negotiation, the initial price is not usually the final one.
  • Bad photographs. The first impression is critical and can determine if a buyer decides to visit the property. This first look is usually through photographs and therefore they should be perfect. Try to show wide spaces and the maximum brightness. It´s best to contact professionals, they will get the most out of your house.
  • Low visibility on the web. The vast majority of buyers devote a lot of time to search on the internet. If your property has sufficient visibility on the web, your chances of selling will multiply. Publish the property on specialized portals and check from time to time that it receives the visibility it deserves.
  • Excessive decoration. Decoration is very personal and can interfere with a buyer's decision.  Your taste may be completely contrary to the buyer's and that´s why including many decorative elements is a mistake. In addition, an overloaded decoration will make spaces look smaller. Don´t forget that what you are trying to sell is your house, and that´s what the buyer should focus on.
  • To forget thorough cleaning. Thorough cleaning can tip the balance to a yes. Remember that it´s these details that really matter and that are easy to forget. It´s essential that the house looks spotless!
  • Disorder. Like cleaning, order is very important. An orderly house will convey to the buyer tranquillity and good vibes! Be sure to check that spaces such as the pantry or wardrobes are organized, the buyer may decide to check them.
  • An exterior in bad conditions. If you have outdoor spaces, whether it´s a garden, a terrace or even a small balcony make sure they are in good condition. Take care of the furniture and the green areas. Remember that a well-maintained exterior space can add up many points. Plants and flowers can be of great help!
  • Showing pets or their signs. That you like animals doesn´t mean that future buyers do too. It´s better for them not to know if there is a pet or not in the house and therefore you should avoid leaving any signs. Feeders, leashes, toys ... It takes a second to collect them and they can influence the buyer's decision.

Avoiding making these mistakes your sale will be a complete success!!!

Published: 06 Oct 2017
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