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10 tips to make moving with kids a little easier

Do you have kids? Are you planning to move out?

You probably need a bit of help.

Moving is a big change that affects us all. Organizing, packing and un-packing boxes, making important decisions½, but what happens with kids?

A new home, a different room, a neighbourhood that is not the same, are some of the things that affect children the most, and that is why you must pay special attention to them, to make what seems like an "adult hassle" an exciting adventure for all.

This week we lend you a hand with 10 tips to make moving with kids a little easier.

Ready, set, go:

  • Communication. Once the decision has been made you must communicate it to the kids as soon as possible. You can't hide anything from the little ones! If they find out from you they will feel secure and excited to make millions of questions. Answer all of them sincerely, they will understand.
  • Keep calm. When moving there are always situations of stress and conflict but you must try to remain calm. If you are nervous, they will be so too and on the contrary, if you maintain a positive attitude, they will maintain one too.
  • Let them decide. Moving involves all the family and when making decisions you must all decide together. Let the kids make their own decisions. How would they like their room, if they like that colour for the walls, if the furniture looks better here or there.
  • Get to know the new neighbourhood. You must not forget that it's not only the house that changes. The area, the neighbourhood and the neighbours also change and it's good to know the new before you move. Get information about the stores, parks and all the possible activities in the new area.
  • If possible, take the kids to visit the new area before you move. This will help them familiarize and will prepare them for the big day.  
  • Let the children help. Let them pack their own boxes, label them, and un-pack them when its time. Close to their things, everything will seem easier.
  • Let them participate, even with the decoration. Splashing a bit of paint on the walls will make the house feel a little more theirs. 
  • Once installed, maintain the same routines as always. Many things have changed but routines don't have to do so too. Lunch and dinner hours, time to go to bed½ Maintain these habits and the change won´t seem so harsh.  
  • Help them adapt. Enrol them in activities in the area and hold their hand when making new friends in the neighbourhood. For some a little push is all they need.
  • Maintain the communication. Communication must not only be present during the move. Although it all seems done and ready don't forget to ask the kids how they feel in their new home.

Following these tips you will transform your move into a big adventure with a happy ending. You can do it!!!
Published: 11 Jan 2017
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